Comprar Yuneec Mochila plástico para Typhoon H Serie

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Yuneec mochila para Typhoon H Serie

Por sólo   111 ,55  EUR

The ergonomic design of the backpack is specially designed to meet the needs of travelersThe transport packaging of your Typhoon H fits perfectly into the high-quality backpack.
This gives you a light and robust solution to transport your Typhoon H comfortably.

- Carrying handle for easy backpack handling
- Long zip for easy access to your Typhoon H
- D-rings for attaching small photo/video accessories to the backpack
- Lightweight and designed to fit air travel
- Side pockets on the left and right side of the backpack for
Storage of accessories



Fecha actualizado : 01/08/2019


Características y especificaciones de Yuneec Mochila plástico para Typhoon H Serie

Tamaño : 30,00 x 53,01 x 40,01 cms. ( Alto x Largo x Ancho )

Fabricante :Yuneec

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